2010. február 15., hétfő

A boy-changed everything...and another boy-who pretending as he doesn't exist,but changes everything

I was in year 9 when i got there..the first thing i clearly remember of is the yeah assembly.. a yr9 student with his band singing and playing on guitar.From that moment i was to admire him.. And then someething happened..I got to know the boy i fell in love and now he is my boyfriend.. Last year he was in the same school as me...then he jut moved.And from time to time he went back talk to peoples...and they told him that there is girl from Hungary.We were talking on every Thusday for 1hour...We could talk for 3,but i had to go to my lesson..I fell love...But i was wrong, when i decided to dont tell him.Once he was asking me to go to a party with him,and i didn't realize it that he was asking to go out with him.I said no,because i was afraid of something... I was a kid..he had a girlfriend...she broke up with him,he wanted to kill himself..But then he just remembered me and that i told him a few weeks before that i like him so much..So he just came to me and after two day we were kissing...on 10th of march gonna be a half year ago that we are together..in september...on the first year's day;h want to engage me...im 15...he is 17...after 2-3 years we will get an own flat and live together..no one believed me when i was going out with him.. the teen age love is usually 1month...or less...and we are togethe more than 5months ago.. they get really suprising on me every day now when im going to school so happy and talking to my boyfriend on the phone...they suprising that im not crying and having big red eyes of crying because we broke up...we not gonna break up..i love him...and he loves me

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  1. 1.(blue)Sloth 2.(Glittery)Gluttony 3.(Golden)Greed 4.(Silver) Pride
    5.(Green) Envy 6.(Pink Lust)7.(Red Wrath)