2010. február 14., vasárnap

Im in Hungary fir one week...I love to be here with my family and my friends...After one week im going back to london,cuz i have to go to school..:'(..i realy miss my boyfriend,even i didnt see him just for 1day...he is in london,and waiting me back..we are together more than 5 months ago...in september its gonna be 1year that we are together..he will engage me...he 17...and i am 15..i love him so much and i will marry to him...but first i have to leave the high school...2 more year...i donno how i gonna do it cuz i just hate the peoples in there...they think im soo dm that i don undersand if they talking about me,sitting next to me...cuz english not my first language.. cuz im the new kid...im there nearly 2years ago...in the first year i always was really nice to peoles if they were hurt me...and i just fed up with them..cuz they think that im stupid,silent girl who cant do anything...but im not like this...so...i realy cant take if someone call me a bitch/slut/whore... last time i was nearly fighing cuz of it...next time i will slap the girls are talkin about me like this.. so yh..i will write in this blog all the things i think and i feel...cuz its just too much for me...and i dont want to cry cuz of them...xD

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